The Brain Trust is a collaborative network of community stakeholders committed to changing minds and attitudes about mental illness in El Paso County to improve mental and emotional well-being for the health of children, youth, and adults. This network was formed in 2011 with support from Paso del Norte Health Foundation. 

Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at 4:00 pm Mountain Time and are open to anyone interested in learning more about mental health and the reduction of the negative bias that surrounds mental illness. Brain Trust meetings serve to Inform stakeholders including policymakers on ways to promote a socially inclusive community; strengthen communication among stakeholders, existing networks, and community members to maintain a unified vision about social inclusion, and mental illness early detection, timely treatment, and recovery; and maximize resources by sharing data, and identifying, refining and implementing interventions that work.

Brain Trust Vision

The Brain Trust Network envisions a community where mental and emotional well-being is fundamental to the quality and productivity of individuals, families, communities, and nations, enabling people to experience life as meaningful and to be creative and active citizens (adapted from the World Health Organization’s definition of mental health and mental well-being).

September 2019 Brain Trust Meeting Notes, September 10, 2019brain-trust brain-trust-meeting-notes
October 2019 Brain Trust Meeting Notes, October 10, 2019brain-trust brain-trust-meeting-notes
November 2019 Brain Trust Meeting Notes, November 10, 2019brain-trust brain-trust-meeting-notes
January 2019 Brain Trust Meeting Notes, January 8, 2019brain-trust brain-trust-meeting-notes
February 2019 Brain Trust Meeting Notes, February 12, 2019brain-trust brain-trust-meeting-notes
March 2019 Brain Trust Meeting Notes, March 12, 2019brain-trust brain-trust-meeting-notes
April 2019 Brain Trust Meeting Notes, April 9, 2019brain-trust brain-trust-meeting-notes
May 2019 Brain Trust Meeting Notes, May 10, 2019brain-trust brain-trust-meeting-notes
January 2020 Brain Trust Meeting Notes, January 14, 2020brain-trust brain-trust-meeting-notes
February 2020 Brain Trust Meeting Notes, February 11, 2020brain-trust brain-trust-meeting-notes

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Second Tuesday of each month at 4:00pm MST

To join the Zoom Meeting, click here or enter the meeting ID (837 0012 4597) and passcode (809223).

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